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How are you different from a travel agent?

I offer a customised itinerary planning service, rather than a booking service. Unlike a travel agent, I do not receive a commission from operators to promote their business.

Instead of trying to sell you a package, I provide unbiased advice so that you can pick and choose what you want to include in your holiday.

The great benefit to this is that you can see the breakdown of pricing to know exactly what your hard-earned money is going towards!

Do you make the bookings?

As a consultation-based service, I don't make bookings, however I do provide links to all of the accommodations and activities, so that you can simply click and book directly online when you are ready to!

NZ food and wine
Sightseeing and snowboarding

I usually arrange Everything myself. Why should I plan my trip with you?

This service is designed for independent travellers who just need a helping hand in scoping out the details of their trip.

I can find hidden gems that you may never knew existed!

If you are still unsure, schedule a free consultation call with me to see how I can help!

Is every trip really custom made?

Yes! I pride myself on individually designed trips based on your travel preferences. Every traveller is different and I understand that! I tailor-make each itinerary based on YOUR personal interests, budget and travel style. All advice is custom to you.

Fishing in Canterbury
Cycling at Huka Falls

I already have a few things arranged. Can you work these in to an itinerary?

Yes, of course! Just let me know of any ideas or existing plans when you complete the questionnaire and I can work these in to a seamless itinerary.