Nature & Wildlife

New Zealand offers some of the most beautiful nature and wildlife experiences that you can imagine. Most are unique in that you can only find them here in NZ.

With unspoiled landscapes including beaches, mountains, volcanoes and a myriad of National Parks, there is truly so much to explore.

For those interested in wildlife, New Zealand is home to dolphins, whale watching, penguins, seals, glowworms, horse-riding and so much more. Native birds are also found throughout the country, including the iconic Kiwi.

Both the North and South Islands have stunning scenery and wildlife experiences. My job is to find you the best ones to suit your interests and help you maximize your time here!

Located in Taiaroa Head you will find the world's only mainland breeding colony for the Royal Albatross. With a 3 metre long wingspan, these birds are a sight to see!

The area is also home to world's smallest penguins - so you can tick this one off the bucket list at the same time!



New Zealand Travel Specialist